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The top of the blue S represents an enterprising meaning that leads to a change in trends.
The J at the bottom of the gray symbolizes the needle recreating the flow of change.
The prototype of the figure symbolizes the purpose of spreading the recreated products.
The text "SUNGJIN INC" at the bottom of the logo captures the intentions of the employees to create a trustworthy company based on broad tolerance and in-house cooperation.

Corporate Symbol

SJ's corporate symbol is a key element of CJ Corporate Branding. It is used in all media representing SJ to play an important role in delivering a corporate image.
We make sure that the shape and color remain as closely related as possible throughout all uses.
To decrease the chances of symbol reproducibility, minimum size regulations of the corporate symbol are prohibited.

Corporate Logotype

The corporate logotype is a visual identity that consists only of symbols except for the English letters used in the corporate symbol.
In principle, the use of the corporate symbol should take precedence. If the corporate symbol is not available due to various restrictions, the corporate logotype should be used.

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